Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Whitling Away

  It's been a while but I have been busy working on a couple of small benches for the outdoors. They are much like the one I made for our family doctor (see bench here) except these are made from cedar and the seat will be made from slats to allow the rain to pass through. I haven't decided on a finish as of yet, maybe a semi transparent stain covered with varnish or just marine varnish alone, or possibly one of each.

My bench has looked this way for a couple of weeks. Some busy days

I have also been mucking around with an idea my daughter Alex gave me. She was wondering if I could make a stand for her to hold her numerous pairs of sunglasses. I made a rough, really rough prototype to see how the glasses would hang on her design.

This way or......

That way
Maple, walnut, cherry or oak. If I can't decide there may be four different version by the time I'm done. The stand should be able to hold about 4 pairs of glasses. I'll use bent lamination or take the chance to try some steam bending on the upright parts just for fun. I have a kettle ready to go and just picked up a temperature gauge for the steam box. The steam box will be made from 2" thick extruded styrofoam. We'll see how that works versus the plywood steam box.

thanks for looking

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