Friday, 13 May 2011

Torri Gate Trellis

  This week my better half, Shannon, asked me to make a trellis for her climbing rose. " Ok, what type of style would you like?", I asked. (In reality I did like any man and rolled my eyes and let out a big sigh). "Something with a Japanese look", she replied. She went into the shop to draw me something to look at.
  I walked in and she had my sketch book in her hands ....................

Start Soliloquy ...... I sketch my ideas in this book, I never erase anything even if I don't like it at first because all ideas can be improved on. If I erase the history I am doomed to repeat it. I am then shocked to see her tearing out a page on which to make her sketch. Have you ever seen Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo............ Once my episode ended I realized it was a blank sheet from the back of the book. I silently came over and moved the book to a safer location. End Soliloquy.

  I returned to her side and she looked up with a smile and said, "See, like this, this is what I want, kinda like that", pointing to the sketch.

This is the sketch.
 The sketch makes it obvious..........yes, she's thinking of a Torri Gate with a Tansu style symbol in the middle and something lower down to start the rose's climb to the heavens.
   I looked at the hope in her eyes, (read as , ...all the tools in this shop, You make me this Mister...). My reply, "Okay, I can do that !"

  I searched the yard. I looked like a dog on a hot scent. I was rewarded with some old spruce 2 x 4's that I could cut up to make her trellis. Guys, always keep some 2 x4's around, never know when you will need them.

 As every good woodworker says, "It is always a good idea to come up with a working plan no matter what you are making. It saves time and helps to eliminate mistakes." This is one of those times.
  I wanted an OK on the plans. "Yes, that's perfect,  just like I showed you, exactly like I wanted.", Shannon said with enthusiasm. I would start the next day.

A little planning.. feel free to borrow.

 This is not fine woodworking but it is relaxing. Anyway about 6 hours later I had this.

 We painted it up today and put it in the garden. Rose is just behind the tulip plant.

I also built an obelisk last year out of old lumber. The two in front of the house are fancier but, ...seen one obelisk, ya seen 'em all.

  This week I was working out some dimensions on a prototype for a floor lamp using old 2 x 4's to see what the size and shape would look like. It ended up making a nice hanger for the bug zapper lamp. I made some laminating forms for the floor lamp yesterday morning, can't wait to get the walnut into them.

 So the weekend arrives after a week of beautiful weather. They are calling for rain for the next six days. Good time to be in the shop. Maybe have some posts for the floor lamp this coming week.

Again, thanks for taking the time.

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