Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Shoji Lamps II

  It's a nice spring morning so I'll take my coffee outside. Take the dog for a walk. Then into the shop to putter on the rice paper frames that fit into the lamps.

First up is a photo of some parts I was fitting together today for two lamps.

Frames to hold the rice paper shades
This happened a little later on. Best thing about hand tools is you can stop the blade before you do serious damage.

I'm experiencing a little vertigo....

When I showed it to my shop assistant Jack, he made a face like this.

Big Jack
 But it was worth it as the lamps are coming together like so.

Walnut Lamp
 Time to pickup some fixtures. I will put on the finish before assembly with a little touch up afterward. I'll post the finished product soon as they're done. Go Montreal Canadians Go.

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