Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Simple Jewelry Box for Alex

   Hi everyone, August was a busy month outside the workshop therefore my blogging has been none existent as of late. Our daughter Alex started college this September so we did some camping last month as we went to a few race tracks where she rides her motocross bike and spent our weekends together. Also August is a month we spend a lot of time with friends who drop in on warm summer nights.

 We also received the good news this month that my brother in law Don is now cancer free. We are all very happy.
  I did manage to pick away at a small project my daughter asked me to make. I still have to put some felt inside on the bottom and build a walnut tray to fit inside the box.

 While nearing completion some holes appeared on the lid when I drilled right through the wood making pilot holes for the hinge screws.

  I first tried to cover these with little plugs of walnut and that made me even more frustrated because it looked like crap. So I tried matching the plug arrangement on all four corners of the lid and guess what I had, you guessed it, a pile of crap.

  Brooding over my work I realized I could save the cherry burl panel and make some new frame pieces. There has to be another way. I decided to inlay some walnut stringing, sometimes mistakes lead to better things.

Here are the results thus far. You can click on the pics to enlarge.

Walnut inlay runs around the edge of the lid

Walnut mitre keys on the corners for strength and looks

The bottom edges are sculpted to follow the grain pattern

thanks for looking