Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Canucks are playing for the Cup EH!

  Maybe May is looking better. The Vancouver Canucks advanced to the final for a chance to win the beloved Stanley Cup. Man ! , what a game eh. Last night saw double overtimes. The players were running on fumes, neither team willing to take defeat. At one point late in the second overtime it looked like San Jose's net minder was going to take a seat on the ice and crack a cold one and call her a night.

  The winning goal came after the puck to the craziest bounce ever from one of the  stanchions holding the plexiglass that surrounds the rink. Try and catch the video if you can, sure it's on the net somewhere.

  In case you aren't a hockey fan (sounds crazy when you say it) the Stanley Cup is the holy grail of hockey in North America.

We stand on guard for thee
   Any man (including this one) that ever slipped on a pair of skates to play competitive hockey would give all he has to win it just once.

That's Mini Me with the cup gives you an idea of the cups size

The champs from 1965 the year of my birth. Yes I'm a Habs fan.

The cup enjoying the off season. It travels extensively.

It likes to have fun too.

Some women adore it. Lucky cup.

 Here's to hoping the Canucks can take the cup. Wish I could be in Vancouver right now, must be quite a party. Good luck Vancouver all of Canada is counting on ya. No pressure though, EH.

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