Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cedar Benches Nearing Completion

  The two benches are coming along. They are made with eastern cedar that I purchase from an area farmer who cuts huge amounts of the stuff through the late fall early winter. His name is Jeff. I'll introduce him to you in another blog. The benches are four feet in length and they can fit easily into most any spot in the garden or house. Nice and roomy for one person or two affectionate people.

Dry assembled for fitting. A panel with a chip carving will go in the centre of the backrest.
 Just running through dry assembly to check the fit of my mortise and tenon joinery. I even sat on this one while it was still on the floor. I felt like a trapeze artist working without a net. There was a time when my projects would only stand with the aid of copious amounts of glue, nails or screws. Makes you feel really good when your joinery reaches this point. It gives you confidence to try more difficult projects.

  I have made a bench similar to this in the past from soft maple (also called red maple or swamp maple) but I found soft maple to be best suited for a secondary wood used for drawer sides or inside case work.

Brilliant red color in the fall, my favorite.
  That said, I have had some soft maple with great quilting and dark brown streaking in it. Makes great panels for a show case.

Soft Maple panel
 Final glue ups should be done during the next two days. Can't wait to get a finish on them and have a seat.

Affixing the armrest to the bench end assembly

I'll soften the edges for a nice hand hold

Lots of edges to ease on this project.

The bench awaits my return tomorrow.

I'm really enjoying writing this blog. Thanks for reading.


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