Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Been a While

  Well it's been a while, May I believe for my last post. Seems I can't get a reliable computer to work with lately. Recently my digital SLR camera stopped powering up and is going in for repair. Took the following pics with an older digicam. Also the concrete business has been busy and a lot of things around the house required attention before our anniversary party at the end of June. Awesome party. Don't forget the nice weather, who wants to be inside during that. Time to take off in the RV.

 I did find some time here and there to work on some cutting boards and carve up a nice pair of bowls.
Here are some pics of the cutting boards, I will put the bowls in my next post.

Small serving tray made from black walnut.

Another one with a little more figure on it.

I also sculpted out the bottoms of these to lift them off the surface that they would be sitting upon. Nicer looking than little rubber feet.

Here is the same idea but made with some maple.

A couple of big cutting boards made from cherry. Crazy knot hole in one of them.

Flat walnut cutting board with natural edges. I have another in the works now.

Here is nice maple cutting board rescued from the firewood pile. Added a walnut butterfly patch to stop the split that was working it's way down the board.

Nice wrinkles on the edge. The weight of the limb that branches off the trunk causes the wood fibres to compress and buckle as the limb becomes heavier.

These will all be available at my Etsy store soon. Well as long as I can get this computer to cooperate.
Email me if you can't wait.

Thanks for looking.