Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stripping....Some End Tables

  Might be some disappointed Googlers' out there when they link to this post. On the other hand those who like naked furniture......

  Don and Mary-Ann added some end tables for refinishing to go with their new console. I happily accepted a nice pair of end tables.

  I started with the table that was missing most of the finish from it's top. Man was that clear finish on these a bitch to take off. Apply some stripper, scrape it off, apply some stripper, scrape it off...... you get the idea. Every surface required at least three coats of stripper. The surface of the top and lower shelf took about five or six doses of stripper to get the old finish off. This only removed the clear coating then I moved on to lifting the old stain.

I put the gloves on it and told it to strip itself! 

   Do you remember Popeye? "Olive Oil shes my goiyle" he would say. He ate spinach for strength without taking that pipe out of his mouth (sometimes he sucked the spinach through the pipe, yuck) and the spinach would end up in his forearms making them look like cooked hams. Mine look like that now, well not really I'm missing the tattoo of a ship's anchor. Did I mention the fumes from the gel stripper......

It was all worth it as you can see in the photo. 

   They look cool. Shannon suggested we do our tired looking end tables as well. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm going out to get a set of orange rubber gloves in her size so she can help.

  That's all for today. If you came looking for strippers, sorry to disappoint but I hope you enjoyed reading my blog anyway.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Television Console

  This unit is for Don and Mary-Ann. They were unable to locate a console with an open space across the length of the cabinet. This space was required to house their sound bar.

   Don dropped me a line asking if I could make something for him. They gave me an idea of what they wanted in size and style and I came up with a few drawings and they gave me some feedback and we ended up with this model made from some walnut.

   It's rough but I like it better than my lousy perspective drawings. After seeing this model Don asked for a thicker top and make it darker. I ended up using the General Finishes water based pigment stain 'Espresso'. That was followed by coats of wipe on poly finish.

Carcase from plywood with birch facing.

Legs that will snuggle around the ends of the carcase. The mortises are for the rails that will run across the front and rear to cover the edge of the plywood and define the spaces. The cabinet scraper works nicely for smoothing the faces of the legs.

Legs attached and rails across the face.

Frame and panels on the rear. This will help keep the cabinet from racking. 
   I left the back of the shelf open for media cords. The ends will have faux rails applied to the face of the plywood to look as if it was a frame and panel setup.

Drawer boxes installed and a coat of the 'Espresso' finish.

I love to learnnnnnnn as GoldMember vood shay it. 

  This was the first time I used a water based pigment finish. I had to scrape the finish off the top twice. Third time was the charm. Brush the finish over the entire surface before wiping the excess off. DUH.

  The top is solid wood panel on top of the plywood carcase. It is attached with screws that pass through elongated holes in the plywood. Along with the skirting around the top it should be enough to support the heaviest television.

  To allow for expansion of the top within the skirting the ends of the top panel were rabbeted and the end skirts fit over the rabbet. I fastened the front skirt to the top panel and the front of the carcase. The end skirts are fastened to the carcase to allow the top to move freely. The rear skirt is fastened to the back edge of the top panel only. Any possible gapping should occur at the angled corners at the back.

Drawer front glue up. Keep em square

Fitting them in. Two way tape gives a helping hand.

First coat of poly finish is drying tonight. Time to pick out some pulls. Long handles or knobs? I asked Don about this earlier, he told me that Mary-Ann prefers knobs. 
Lucky Don.

  Don beat Leukemia this year after one hell of a battle. I am sure his good fitness level before being diagnosed along with his guts and determination gave him the the edge over cancer. F U cancer. I would think his strongest weapon though would be Mary-Ann whom put everything else aside to carry him when he was unable to support himself physically and emotionally. I hear he's back in the gym working on becoming more fit than he was before. Giver shit man.

  Next on the build list will be Brent's eight foot long table made of red oak. Get ready muscles, it's going to get heavy.

Thanks for reading.