Monday, 4 April 2011

Kelly's Cabinet inspired by Krenov

  My niece's wedding created the perfect opportunity for me to make a Krenov inspired cabinet. Unfortunately, slipped disks in my upper back left me with diminished strength in my left arm and hand along with burning nerve pain. I would rather roll in broken glass than experience nerve pain again.

  Kelly and her beloved man moved into their own home shortly after the wedding. As my nerve pain diminished I was able to start on the cabinet (now doubles as a housewarming gift). I took some figured soft maple and re sawed them into panels. The doors and cabinet frames are made from hickory. A stand for the cabinet was constructed from walnut. The cabinet was presented at the family dinner during the Christmas (2010) season. (wow, three gifts in one.)

Here are some pdf's with catches and other tricks made popular by James Krenov. 

Here are some pictures of the cabinet.

Nice quilting

Rear panels are book matched and have some spalting.


The only decent pic showing the hand made door handles.

I need to work on my photography setups.

Lots of clamps to hold on the edge banding.

Spring loaded button catch to hold doors closed.

  It was a pleasure building this cabinet. Creating the design, matching wood, fabricating door catches, door handles, attention to grain direction, mixing different wood species and being mindful of it's overall symmetry. Give it a try some time.

thanks for looking


  1. Very nice! That's some gorgeous maple. I've been thinking of making some Krenov-style cabinets for my mother's art studio. Fancier than she needs, but it would be nice to jazz the place up a bit.

  2. Your comment up above about improving your photography made me chuckle a bit. I was just lamenting to my wife the other day how I hadn't realized that starting a blog about woodworking would end up with me learning so much about taking photos.

    I want to build a Krenov cabinet and stand, I have many drawings of ideas. What I haven't had is the excuse to build one. (Not that we always need an excuse but it helps) Very nice work.