Wednesday, 25 May 2011

It's May and Misery loves Company

  While recovering from my neck surgery that took place in March of this year, I have been passing as much time in the shop as my body will allow. Not working, just whittling as I like to call it. It's much better than melting into the couch in front of the TV. During the day the news telecasts spew forth disaster, tragedy after tragedy, followed by more tragedy and disaster. The 4 weeks following surgery I was quite restricted in my activity. If not sleeping I sat mostly in a recliner looking at the tube. I never before have had time to watch television so much.

  Our family has had it's share of tragedy and I am sure many others have as well. For some inexplicable reason ours seem to come during the month of May. We lost our son Eric on May 14, 1997, he was 7 years of age. On May 16th, 2008 we lost our daughter Robyn and her two close friends Erin and Kandas in a vehicle accident, Robyn was 20.
As every May comes and goes we remember the loses and hope that the month will pass without event.

  This year was looking to be uneventful but... a phone call Saturday from my wife's brother with the terrible news that he has leukemia. This type of leukemia can be treated by chemotherapy with good results. He started treatment immediately and is currently fighting the good fight. I am positive he will come through as Don has always been able to conquer his objectives. He is a winner. Don is a man of great will and strength, much like his father, the strongest man I have ever known. We're all pulling for you Don.

  I received news today about someone, a fella I became friends with over the past 12 years. I've worked along side of him, played pickup hockey with him, had long discussions over a few pops after hockey with him. The kind of guy you enjoy being around, always makes you feel better. Always has a way of taking life's crap and making it go away.

  Well, he must have lost his way. They found him on Sunday. He is no longer with us. I will attend the celebration of his life this Friday.

  To all those dealing with tragedy, you need not feel alone, there are many of us who understand.

Month of May, may you go away.

  This blog is about wood working after all so I will go into my shop, take wood and give it a new life, work it into something that wasn't there before. Something with purpose, character, beauty and built for the test of time. It feels good to have some control over the outcome and wood working offers this. Wood working calms me and helps me deal with those things that I cannot change.

For Eric and Robyn.

thanks for listening



  1. I would cry but I'm a man and we don't do that...well maybe sometimes.

  2. We all have, mostly me