Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Shoji Lamps Finished

  My version of a Shoji Lamp with a mid century modern twist.
These little lamps work great for accent lighting or your bedside table.
They stand about 17 inches tall with 6 inch square base. I usually make them in pairs using the same species of wood for each set. A florescent bulb from 5 to 13 watts seems to be sufficient for a nice lighting effect and keeps the heat down.

Cherry Lamp with yellowish rice paper with fibers.

Cherry Lamp lit up with 5 watt florescent bulb.

Walnut lamp white paper with embedded plant leaves.

Walnut lamp with 5 watt florescent bulb.

  I am experimenting with some modern designs using twisting flowing curves, open tops and rice paper shades. I also have an idea for a real cool looking mid century modern style floor lamp which I will share with you as it comes together.

  I hope you enjoyed looking at these. I used an old bed sheet for a backdrop, I'll try some lighting next time to eliminate shadows.
As always thanks for dropping in.


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