Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Upcycled Pedestal Table

  Here are some photos of pedestal table that I mentioned in the last post. Our friend Samantha recently moved into her first house so this will be the housewarming gift. I hope she likes it.

The top and legs are made from soft maple I had in the wood rack.

The finish is still drying, I believe the top will need some more work.

  Still have another coat to go on the finish then polish it up with a little wax after the finish is good and hard. I considered doing some beading on the legs to follow off of the v grooves on the base of the turned section but it started to look to busy down there.
I was going to rout a profile on the edge of the top but it looks pretty good this way too. Maybe an inlay of maple stringing around the top a 1/2" in from the edge would look nice. Hmmmm......

Until next time, thanks again

Monday, 25 July 2011

Upcycled Banister Parts

  I was wandering around Legacy Building Supplies in Cobourg looking at the many wonderful things they have there. They are the King Solomon of old building materials. The place is beyond explanation, you have to experience a visit.
Everything is within view or touch and all of it in excellent working order. This is not a junk yard but a treasure trove of old irreplaceable and unique items from the past.

  The sign above the stair opening leading down from the main level stated, "More down here". To my mind that read as "last chance for the cheap stuff" or " handy man corner". I descended the stairs with giddy delight. I bet this is how Red Green feels at a rummage sale.

  There is a musty smell. Some window fans blow the heavy air around in an attempt to keep the humidity out. It gives the feeling of walking in a cave. I know I will find something as not many will venture down here.

  Meandering through the subterranean portion of the building I feel like I am in a labyrinth. Rows of old doors and window sashes, bannister parts, signage, glass, chairs, tables making up the walls of the tunnels. I walked stealthily so as not to warn the prize find of my presence. Eyes scanning dark corners for items that are a bargain. I spot something, 2 matching maple banister parts. I pounce and grasp them with my bare hands. They are dirty and the finish all cracked. Some damage on the end of one of them. The price is right. I bundle them under my arm and continue my search with renewed vigor. My find an indication that hunting is good today. I scan the herd of misfit items watching for more quarry. I start to feel like a big game hunter. Maybe I should have brought some porters for help. My cheap seeking brain homes in on slightly damaged small chair. The note on it screamed "Project Chair". I moved quickly and slayed the beast and carried it up the stairs along with its smaller bretheren banister parts. I advanced to the counter to pay the tariff on my bounty.

"Interesting finds?" the owner asked.
I thrust my items into the air and said, "Yes, hunting was good today."
"Lovely", cooed the clerk.
  We finished the transaction and she bundled up my banister parts. I hoisted the chair onto my shoulder, tucked the banister parts under my arm.
 "Thanks, and come back soon", she said.
I envision a new hunt in the future. Today's safari was a success. I loaded my plunder into the land rover (toyota corolla) and set off across the plains of the Serengeti (gravel parking lot) to return to my village.

The plan for a small pedestal table with one of the parts.

Sliding dovetails hold the legs to turned section.

The other banister part became this lamp.

I built a small base for it out of maple then stained the whole works and finished with polyurethane.
  If I hadn't come across these parts they may have been lost from sight for many a year. Together Legacy and myself have kept something from becoming just another piece of junk in the landfill. It may have become firewood but I don't think the heat generated would have kept us warm for long. Here's to another hundred years.

As for the chair it is still waiting for me. I 'll make a post for that one. It will involve repairs, new parts and an upholstered seat. Should be fun.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Rest is up to Her.

  Hi, last post for the hillbilly tool shed. I should have more time to spend in the shop now.

Recycled barn sheeting on the roof.
The Clampett clan are moving in Friday.
 Shannon's already filling it with her garden implements. Yahoo mountain dew.

Thanks for stopping by, ya 'll come back now , ya hear.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cherry Lamps completed

Hi just finished up with the lamps this morning. Thought I would throw in a few pictures. But also a mention about some inspiring blogs listed by Jason Herrick from PORC, definitely worth a look, thanks Jason. While checking out these blogs I came across this article by Phillip Toledano called Make Stuff that Matters. Sometimes blogs can be so powerful as his Days with My Father shows us. Really worth a look. Well on with the woodworking.

Fixture installed. Couldn't find one without the slide switch this time. The wire has a roller switch on it.
Dowel pins to support lid. I shape the tips in the pencil sharpener.

Pins fit in small holes drilled under the lid.

Congratulations, you have twins.
All lit up.
  Cherry looks so good with an oil finish. I rub a little paste wax on the lids to make them smooth to the touch. I enjoy making these lamps. So simple yet so beautiful. They make a nice mix of power and hand tool work. My favorite part is smoothing the columns curves with the my Veritas spokeshave. The whispering sound as the papery shavings roll off the shave. Ahhhhh..... so relaxing.

As always thanks for looking

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Pair of Cherry Lamps

  Just a quick post with some of this weeks activity. A commission for a pair of Shoji Lamps made from cherry. All the wood came from the same plank so I should end up with a nice set of twins. Here are some progress shots.

Where the magic happens
All the parts that I shaped out yesterday

Radius the feet with a Millers Falls block plane.

Glue the feet to the bases.

Paper screen parts marked for cutting the lap joints.

Paper screen glue up jig keeps them in square.

Stack of assembled screens ready for some oil finish.

All oiled up, let the wood glow eh.

Bases and tops with a coat of oil applied.
Going good so far, knock on wood eh.
thanks for looking