Sunday, 4 August 2013

Salvaged Headboard, New Drawers, Nice Bed

   Ryan asked me if I could make some wood side rails and attach them to some iron bed frames he had salvaged. I knew something could be done but there were doubts as to how effectively the rails could be mounted on the head and foot boards. The other option most likely to succeed was a platform with the head and foot board fastened to the ends. I can't remember who suggested it but we agreed on it. How about we add some drawers under that. Sounds good. If in the end the head and foot boards don't look right they can go without them anyway.

   For the visible parts of the frame I decided on oak. The showy grain of oak should go well with the green iron head and foot board. For the rest of the structure plywood should save on weight and time. The platform will be built in two halves so it can be easily moved. The added bonus of this setup is that the box spring will be properly supported down the edges and centre. Lack of support in the centre of the box spring ruins your mattress in a short time.

   I put some stain samples on oak and set them next to the bed frames so Tiffany could choose the colour. She went with the English Chestnut. Good choice in my opinion.The interior of the drawers will be finished with shellac. The shellac finish will not give off a volatile odour that soaks into your clothes. For a better look just click on the pictures.

Just beginning to assemble one of two frames.

One half assembled. The panels in the end were resawn from the same board and will mirror each other once the two halves are brought together.

Two halves assembled and stained and drawers are almost finished as well.

Drawers go in on the full extension self closing slides. Drawers are quite wide so they are constructed from maple plywood. It saves time and cost in the build and they are nearly indestructible. The top edge of the drawers are finished off with oak strips. The strips are left in their natural colour. I think it makes a nice transition from the stained fronts to the light colour of the interior of the drawers.

The drawer fronts for each side will be resawn from the same board so I can mirror the grain lines on the drawer faces. You won't find this at Leon's, but if you like a 39" flat screen and want to throw down two grand on particle board and cardboard go see Leon's. Do you really need another flat screen anyway?

Drawers in, looking good.

Picked these Arts and Crafts style handles up at Lee Valley. I always loose track of time in that store.

Lee Valley is the Willie Wonka's of wood working. Sadly they don't employee Umpha Loompas. They do however employ friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Here it is assembled, minus the drawers at this point. They're just going to go with the head board.

   So there you have it. Custom made. You want your headboard on that bed, no problem.
You want a well constructed piece, you got it. You want premium hardware, it's in it. You want  durability and longevity, use superior materials. Need more drawer space in the future? Just add another set underneath, plywood on top and jettison the box spring.

How's the score now?
Ryan and Tiffany 5, Leon's 0.

Sleep tight everyone