Tuesday, 31 May 2011

One Bench Complete and other Bits.

  Today I finished placing the seat slats on one of the benches along with some other things. Here's some pics of the bench, gleaming varnish finish, taken in the afternoon sunshine.
  I like to put a person's name with my furniture usually as tribute. I'll call this Freddie's Bench, in memory of a great friend that we lost last week. It was tough to varnish this piece with all those tears in my eyes this weekend.

Left foot out.

Right foot out.

Reeds and Cattails chip carving on the centre panel in the backrest

I will post the other that I stained before varnishing in the days to come.

  The other things that went on today were the trip to the sawmill. Jeff's phone call came as I was getting into the stripping the broken church pew seat. When Jeff calls ya gotta go, never know how many days he will be out in the fields, sun up to sun down.

This is part of what used to be a 10 ft long curved pew.
White oak ends for this pew will match the originals and will be built as we go.

Frankenvise proves his worth today holding 5 feet of oak seat.
   And now for my next trick. I will attempt to clamp this pew seat together.


  As I was saying it was busy today. Once Shannon arrived home she helped with planing boards for the siding and shed floor. Cedar is so nice and light to lift.

Boards for the garage siding. Not much needed as most of the front wall is windows and doors.

The lovely Shannon laying down the floor for the shed. Gonna be sweet.
  This blog is mostly about what I have been doing but I must tell you the shed is all Shannon so far. I've just been helping with some layout. Her pipes are going to be bigger than mine. We will keep you up to date on her progress with the shed.  A little covered porch with a potting stand will go on the side, should look beauty.

All the best to our brother Don, keep on fighting, see ya soon.


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