Friday, 21 March 2014

Smoke House Beer Cabinets

 As I mentioned in an earlier post High Table for Two , the old tables Bob was going to burn in the fire pit would be converted to cabinets to hold the beer order.

 Well I didn't make much of a photo documentation of the process because it went so quickly the next thing I knew I was done.

Here are some photos of the tables. Do they think the Allen key the mightiest tool in the world.

 The table looks fine until you actually lean on them then its like doing the slow waltz.

  I feel like Dr. Frankenstein when I do these cut and paste builds. "Egor get the switch", I hollered.

 I quickly had the first table on the bench in the inverted position. Next I reached for my finely tuned instrument for this procedure, a mallet. We will begin the dissection of the apron between the rear legs, loosen some screws and with a resounding whack from the instrument we had begun. A sheet of plywood will replace the apron in the space between the legs. Simple blocks between the legs and plywood will help fasten them together. I worked my way around the sides in this fashion too. "Egor, wipe my brow sweat". Don't worry folks Egor never answers me. I'm alright.
  Then a plywood bottom was added and reinforced underneath. Hardwood beams would carry the weight exerted by the golden nectar in those brown bottles.
I moved on to the removal of the old finish, stained everything one color and painted the insides with a hardy alkyd paint to keep things looking good in there.

  The original plan called for solid plywood panel doors.
   "I don't need anything fancy...", Bob's voice echoed in my head.

 "I can't bring myself to do it Egor". I can't make junk. So much of it out there already and so many willing to pay for it. It's a shame really. We buy furniture knowing full well we will be buying a new set within 5 years and tossing the old set out because it has fallen to pieces. Why do we accept that?
 They have made us into Consumer Zombis. Fight the urge next time and talk to a furniture maker. You will get what you want. The price is not always so far from cost of that crap.

 Allow me to pause a moment to collect myself. Breath in 1, 2 ,3 ,4 , breath out 1, 2, 3, 4.

Ahh, much better .

  I will follow my heart and make some paneled doors instead. Add some old wood knobs I had hanging around and presto. Nice looking cabinets to fit into the atmosphere of the restaurant.
Fine furniture? No. Utilitarian and able to stand up to the abuse over time, yes.
"Egor clean up this messy shop. I am going for dinner". It would be useful if he were real.
 It turns out that each cabinet can hold nine cases of domestic beer with some room on each side.
  If you haven't been to the Smoke House Eatery and Pub you must try them out. The food is wonderful. The staff warm and friendly. The beer cold. My work, lovely.

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