Thursday, 20 March 2014

New High Tables for the Smokehouse Restaurant

  One day at the restaurant Bob and I were having a beverage and he asked if I could make a cabinet for storing the beer cases in. They get a delivery every week and a wall of beer cases stands behind the bar. I think I can help with that.

  Sue walked by while we were talking and she suggested that it may be more important to do something about the tables along the wall. The tables are too short for the tall chairs and the patrons legs don't fit underneath them. They are also wobbly as all get out.

 They had decided on three tables for two patrons that could be hung on the wall and maybe have a pedestal under them. Hmm I see an opportunity to make something a little special here.

 "How about a table with a sweeping arch underneath and the whole works is connected to the wall," I said with some excitement.

  Bob looked at me and said "I don't need anything fancy." Bob has a way of deflating things.

  I was determined to make something stylish. "Just leave it too me, you will like it."
Bob was about to try and tell me again but I deflected with, "What are you doing with the wobbly tables."

 "They are going in the fire pit. They are junk." he spat out.

  Still trying to keep him off balance I said, "I can take the tables and put sides and backs and doors on them and presto, beer cabinets".

The look on his face of why didn't I think of that was unmistakable. Ha Ha a knockout for Ken.

 Table for two. Right this way.

  A section between the bar and the booth seating area was able to hold a little more seating. In goes three high table for two persons. A screen was set up on top of the dividing wall and frosted glass installed to block the view of the patrons in the booths directly beside them. We left some openings so the staff could see the patrons in the booth area without having to walk all the way around.

  Braced from the wall using a built up arch to add a little pizzaz to the area.

I'll post the new beer cabinets later.

thanks for reading



  1. awesome job as always, you are very creative :)

  2. Thanks Jody. I just can't do it the simple way.

  3. Amazing!! You're a creative genius Ken

    1. Thanks Carol. Creative for sure. The genius lives in the walls of my shop. Unfortunately she doesn't show up every day. Lol

  4. lovely!! great work as always

    1. Thanks Cindie. Watch for another blog tomorrow.