Friday, 28 March 2014

Is that a FARTT?

  Maybe it's because they did not have room for it when they moved. Maybe they just get tired of it and no longer want it. Maybe they haven't the means to take the piece to the landfill. Maybe they couldn't sell it during the garage sale. Whatever the reason you will sometimes find a piece of furniture just sitting at the end of a driveway. Sometimes with a sign on it spelling FREE or JUNK or TAKE ME. Sometimes there is no sign at all.

  These are what I call FARTT's. Yup, Found Along Roadside to Take.

 A while back, I was shocked by one heck of a FARTT. A big brown FARTT. Someone had left an old 1920's era china cabinet at the roadside.

  This FARTT was built by Shower Brothers a large firm in the US that was in the thick of it during the furniture boom at the beginning of the 20th century.

  Now sometimes you get these FARTT's back to the shop to find that the best thing to do is dismantle it and save a few parts for future projects or repairs. Sometimes they are really just stinkers and go right into the fire pit. This recent one was different though. I scraped of a little finish to find some nice end matched burl veneer. Looks promising. Some day I will get to it.

 Well one year later. Wish I had a before picture but it was similar to this one below, but brown and much dirtier. The glass and muntins were broken as well.

Below is what my FARTT  looks like today.

The veneer is walnut, the sides were in great condition.

Stripped clean and refinished with nice top coat of shellac. 

Nice working drawer and all the original hardware.

Still need to make some shelves and get some glass for the door and remake the muntin design that was behind the glass.
So here it is. The colour in the burl wood is lovely.

Finally, a fartt that needs no apology.

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