Wednesday, 26 March 2014

I Broke her Leg

  Since my neck surgery a few years back my left foot still has a habit of not lifting as high as I think it is. Nerve damage baby, never comes back all the way. But I manage OK. It is a little embarrassing when you do it coming into the grocery store. I just make the drinky drinky sign with my right hand to my lips. People would never believe the truth anyway, too boring.

  Anyway, immediately after taking the photo outside of the finished night stand I headed up the back stairs with it. Well wouldn't you know that is the time my foot does it's thing. Ya, that's right.
I fell up the stairs and tried using the table to brace myself. Oh it almost made it. When the foot of the rear leg wedged into the space between the deck boards the strain was too much to ask of the delicate joint I showed you in the earlier post.


  Like a leg breaking into a green stick fracture.
The leg was dangling by a thread. The table top was all skewed at a sickening angle. I froze staring in disbelief. What rotten luck. This table is to young.
 Shannon came out the back door to see what all the commotion was about. She felt truly sorry for me. All that work seemingly ruined.

  As the initial shock wore off I sprang up into action. I think I can save it. It may not be pretty but I think I can pull it off. Shannon helped me bring the parts into the shop and up onto the bench. I began working silently and swiftly. Like a surgeon determined to save a limb.

  First off came the top. Have to reach those damaged areas..........Oh the horror...... I can see right inside the joint. Loose splinters, jagged edges.... Ewwww.
Mustn't loose control. I don't mind seeing a few cracks when I am done as I am not about to amputate and build another one for the sake of that leg.
  The drawer by the way came out unscathed. It may have helped mitigate the damage. Thank goodness for those venerable dovetail joints.

Here are some pictures of the nightstand resting in traction. Those with a weak stomach may want to look away. Sit down if you feel the need.

The agony
 Oh this looks painful. Give it some meds or me for that matter.
Scary wasn't it. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

  We won't know for sure if things are square enough for the drawer to go back in until the swelling goes down and we put the table top back in place. I am confident it will work but it may have a limp.

As always thanks for reading.

Dr. Ken and Shannon RN
PS. the drawer works fine and you can hardly see that anything had happened.