Friday, 7 February 2014

Walnut and Maple Blanket Box

  I built this blanket box for Alex as her Christmas present.
Built from walnut and maple to match her bed frame I made a couple of years ago.
Yes I am late as you can see. Luckily she is so understanding.

Legs and rails all fitted together, next panels to fill it in and some curves to be cut.
Making up the side panels.

Rails for the side and ends getting a little curve on the bottom.

Through tenons always add a nice touch.

Curve on the legs too.
Starting to look like a box.

Here it is with stained panels and 2 coats of shellac.
Of course it wouldn't be a blanket box without the aromatic cedar.
It even looks nice on the inside, what ya think.
Here it is with the lid on it. Just have to put on some hinges tomorrow and some hold opens and this one is history.

Looks nice in my bedroom too. 
 These through tenons came out nicely this time.

   This chest was based on an article from Fine Woodworking probably about ten years ago. My dimensions are a little different but the idea of frame and panel construction is still the same. The chest in the article was built with cherry and curly maple two of my personal favorites so I finally built it just with different materials.

  I hope this chest lasts a few generations. Alex can tell her grandchildren about their great grandfather and what a fun guy he was who coached Alexandra in hockey and helped her learn to ride motocross bikes so she could finally race with the pros.

 Maybe someday Alex's great grand child will keep her gold medal from the olympics in this box. Well maybe just some nice stuff.

  Since the first time I ran my father's handsaw through a pine board I knew that I was going to make all kinds of things out of wood. Thanks Dad, for giving me that saw and lumber. Moments that I will never ever forget.
  I will also never forget my friend Jody who always wanted to help. She would sit on part of the board so it would not move so much. She would sit on there and watch me cut wood for a long time. So thank you too Jody. Without your help this project might not have been possible without so much practice. I hope time has found you safe.

Thanks for reading
Hope you enjoyed.

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