Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Day in the One Man Shop, Well most Days.

 Woodworking in a small shop making items one at a time is not just a job but a lifestyle.

  I cherish the ability to stop what i am doing to address a situation as it arises in everyday life. The trade off is you may find yourself in the shop at odd hours when working on a commission.

  I've woken early in the morning, feeling refreshed I head out to the the shop. Work a few hours, come in and see everyone as they rise for the day. Get in a little small talk and a hug before they head out for the day. I really like that.

  I've also woken late, guess I needed the rest. I can start a little later today. It's alright with the boss.

  Following the morning break is a good time to take Jack (our giant yellow lab) for a walk. More for my health than his. Then return to the shop where the dog takes a nap in front of the table saw. I always strive to have some handwork for this time of the day. Jack is 13 years old and I hate to disturb his slumber.

  I try to stop each day for a light lunch. A little 10 minute snooze and back out to the shop.

  I am usually working away busily in the late afternoon as the family returns home. Nice to take a moment and chat with them about their day.

  It can be lonely working in the shop by yourself. Isn't that right Ken. As long as I don't answer the doctor says it's fine.  It's okay really though. I grew up without siblings so being on my own for stretches of time isn't that difficult for me.

  I like it when anyone visits my shop. Wow is usually the first word they say. Most people think a huge shop is required to make furniture. Not so, I can do all sorts of work in this 400 square foot shop.

  On rare occasions during a good song rolling out of the stereo I kind of stop and do a little jig to the likes of Johnny Cash or Stompin Tom. Then it's back to work, if I can call it that.

  Most days I wrap up around 5:30 to 6:00 so I can eat dinner with Shannon and Alex when Alex is home. On some days I do go back in for an hour or so to prep things for the next day.

  It's a restful routine actually. I hope to carry on for many years to come if I can be so lucky.

If ever you have me make something for you, just remember, it was truly a pleasure to work for you.

thanks for reading
and have a great day

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