Saturday, 15 February 2014

Cherry Bed Frame

   I built this interesting bed frame for Shannon and I after I found it on the internet.
This bed is derived from one that is built by Thos. Moser. It is almost exactly the same but ours has wider rails on the top of the foot and headboards. The shape mimicks that of Japanese Torii Gate that one would see at a Shinto Shrine. The torii gate symbolically marks the transition from the profane to the sacred. Correct for a bed frame in the eyes of a Buddhist? I don't know but I love the shape.

This is what I started with on the first morning. Big slabs of magnificent cherry. My favorite.

Starting time in the shop after I carried in the wood from storage area.

This is what you have by 3:30 in the afternoon. All the parts squared ready for shaping.

The next day started with shaping parts, lots of curly shavings when you clean up the cuts.

Clamping up the foot board. The head board will be done in a similar fashion.

Foot board assembled with a coat of oil varnish on it.

Third day the head board assembled and coated with oil varnish. Makes cherry wood glow.
Later that day and the side rails are in and the bed is done. Happy Valentines Day.

As always thanks for reading.

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