Saturday, 25 January 2014

Stools Two

A little more progress after lunch to show ya.

  I was trying to figure out the placement of the 3 legs around the circle when Cole came over and drew a peace sign. Perfect that took the math right out of it. There was still considerable math to use yet though.

Here she is with the legs pushed through just have to drive some wedges down into them.

The legs are strong enough on their own but Cole wanted to add in some cross members for looks.
So we put some dowels through.

How about a handle to carry it around. Why not. It's your stool.

  Like a milking stool is it not? Where's the cows. But seriously it was nice to see Cole work so hard at this project. Attention spans are awful short these days for most young people.

  It's unfortunate that so many school boards have dropped the shop classes. Today a young person had to apply what he learned in math class, science class, English class and use some wicked eye hand coordination.

  I didn't build anything in the shop today but it is just as satisfying or better passing on knowledge to another. What I relay to him today will hopefully be passed on by him to another when he has the chance. Today also empowered him with the knowledge that if he tries hard enough he can succeed.
Making something with your own hands is a feeling like no other.

thanks for reading
We had a great day.

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