Monday, 13 January 2014

Refinished Luce Furniture piece.

 Grand Rapids Michigan was the place to be at the turn of the last century if you were a furniture maker. They even went so far as to call it Furniture City.

  We have had a dresser with mirror in the family for years that was made by Luce Furniture of Grand Rapids. Their business operated between 1896 and 1938. They were acquired by a larger firm in 1935 and soon after closed the doors in 1938.

The dresser is well made for factory fair. At least better constructed than most furniture from that era.
   We decided to go with a simple refinish. Strip or sand off the old finish and put on some fresh shellac. Shannon is a great stripper, she had that finish whipped off in no time.
  Any broken pieces were repaired. Drawers were made to slide in an out like they should. A spit and polish really. Not bad at all.

A little piece here.....

A little squeeze here.
           Coming back together. That shellac really brings out the mahogany veneer.

  After a few coats, reinstalling the wheeled feet, drawer knobs, skeleton key locks, and hanging the mirror she was done. Just need to find one knob for the upper drawer. The knob went missing years ago.

  They were really into the arts and crafts style back then but this one seems to be transitioning to Art Deco. But I am no expert on the history of furniture. I'll let someone else decide.

 This piece is for sale should anyone be interested.

Thanks for reading and have an enjoyable evening.

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