Sunday, 19 January 2014

Blogging about Clogging

  You know the time you should have listened to yourself but you didn't. Yes, it always comes back to bite you in the rear.

  Dust collection in the shop had worked fairly well even though it would clog up from time to time. It was mostly an annoyance at first but as I put more hours in the shop it became down right maddening.

This is the original setup

  I was spending a fair amount of time unclogging pipe which begot the unclogging of dust chutes in the machines themselves. It became a common sight to see me on my knees in front of a different machine each day. On some days I bowed before them all.

  Someone looking in the window may have thought I was paying homage to these green demigods with strange ritualistic movements. First the kneeling then moving slowly to a half prone position whilst uttering some vulgar incantation. Usually followed by standing upright and waving my arms ad midst more incantations to finally raising my hands up towards the ductwork and brandishing a scrap piece of wood like it was a sabre and striking the beast named Clog the Cantankerous. Sometimes it would move on to be devoured by the collector. Other times I would have to open the pipe and take him on in his cavernous lair. Clog usually left quickly at this point and would not be seen for the rest of the day.

  On those rare occasions when Clog was very cantankerous it would move a few feet down the line and stop. I would immediately deal him strong blows to dislodge him only to have him skid to a halt again down line. In all our battles he would be vanquished and the collector would happily gobble Clog up.

  On January 18, 2014. A day that will live in infamy, Clog made a brilliant blitzkrieg like move and bunged up almost every machine drop before I could react. Clog the Cantankerous had lost many a battle but he had just won the war. I flailed wildly with my scrap wood sabre knowing full well I was defeated. I lay down my sword. It was time to do what I should have done so long ago.

  The full tear down off the entire piping system began. It felt right, it felt just. It took only ten minutes to rid the universe of Clog's labyrinth. May he be gone for eternity.

The carnage

 Clog the Cantankerous
 Lets rebuild shall we? You can see the aftermath of the blitzkrieg strewn upon the floor.
  I spent the rest of Saturday and part of Sunday realigning the duct work to eliminate as many possible clogging areas as I could.

The "Y" junctions all lay flat against the ceiling eliminating the machines runs from fouling each other.
Everyone gets there own run to the main trunk line.
 It has that industrial cool look guys like.

  After burning incense accompanied by offerings of fresh wood shavings and some Druid incantations the test runs began. There was an immediate swooshing as the debris flowed effortlessly through the piping. A tear welled up in my eye. I am feeling confident this is the correct setup. All is working quite well now.

 This coming Sunday my apprentice, Cole and I will be involved in a workshop stool build off.
It takes place over the internet by each competitor posting photos of his progress through the day.
I will be posting from the shop on our progress. Should be fun. Here is a link to the competition's originator

Thanks for reading
All the best in this new year.

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