Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Devil's spawn was born on September 11 2001

 As you remember 9/11 today, remember it as the day that changed the course of modern history. Those who died that day were the first casualties of the wars that rage today in the middle east. 
   The attack had nothing to do with terrorism. It was a declaration of war against the Western world.  

The West dropped all it's fury on the Middle East in it's blood thirsty search for the perpetrators of the attack. They took out anyone who would harbor the fugitive. They turned to Baghdad and Afghanistan. In Baghdad, the cradle of modern civilization they took out Sadam Hussien. He ruled over the Arab tribes with an iron fist. The West tried to fill the power vacuum in the region with an appointed democratic government. This was a foolish mistake.

A demon spoke the words, "Are you Sunni or Shia?"
  Words not spoken since Saddam Hussein lorded over the Arab regions. 
This unleashed the tribes once more.
The Taliban are now nothing compared to what is to come. They took out Bin La din but he was only evil's opening act.

 The Western coalition out of resources left the area. All the newly trained Arab troops took to their tribes and spiraled the region into the hell it is today.
A blood soaked playground for insane mercenaries, misguided innocents rapping an pillaging across the region. It's tribal warfare flourishing like poppy's in the baked fields of Afghanistan.

  Now too late, the Western coalition sends it's people into the breach to be fired into the fray. The new foe is ISIS. The West will return to puppet the armies of Arab nations to obliterate the ISIS regime.

At this moment the waters of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers are receding as those upstream hoard it. 
 The regions of Iraq and Syria cannot grow food or slake their thirst.

  The Devil is dancing on the banks of those ancient rivers. The Devil and it's spawn are awaiting the torrents that are sure to engorge the dry basins with blood of the innocents. This will be Satan's finest hour.

That I fear will be the legacy of 9/11.

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