Saturday, 13 September 2014

So Many Hand Tools

I put together a little picture show for you.

In the bench room now. I think it is time to deal with all these hand tools.

 Gonna take some work to get these all put up.

 Never have enough clamps


 A bench covered in treasure, chisels, planes, marking gauges, drills, saws..... drool.

 Did I mention clamps. I think we need more.

 Lovely sharp saws

These are hand screw clamps. Most frustrating to use, but o so handy in some cases.

 Drill Braces and egg beater style drills. Like the croquet mallet hammers.

Two buckets of clamps. Never have enough clamps. Honest

 Here we have some rusty veterans from a yard sale. They will be cleaned up and put back on duty.

 Where is a clamp when you need one. More clamps please Santa.

More tool porn. Sexy.....

Oh, there's the clamps.

This is the sharpening station. We will add on to the side of it to set up one more grinder. The wet dry grinder on the right is another donation from the George Dunn collection.

As always thanks for reading.
More updates to come soon.
Hopefully by the 20th of September.

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