Saturday, 11 February 2012

From Prototype to Real Thing

  An update on Brent and Denyse's dining table. I have machined and assembled the trestle ends and they are ready for glue. Click on the pics for a bigger size.

 Now that the parts are dimensioned we go to the table saw, install the dado blade set (pronounced like day-dough, everyone together now..... excellent) to cut stopped dadoes (grooves) in the edge of the trestle legs. When the pencil lines on the throat plate in the picture line up with pencil lines I marked on the side of the legs we will know that is where we stop cutting and lift the wood off of the blade.

Then we'll go to the workbench and use a chisel and mallet to square up the end of the dado grooves where we made our stopped cuts on the table saw.

Now the squared up dado is ready to receive the curved parts that will fill in some of the space between the trestle legs.

These add a nice arched look and still allow for expansion and contraction across the width of the leg parts.

Same for the top ends.

Now the other side.

They should look awesome with the trestle that I have planned to go in between them.
More to come

Thanks for looking


  1. Ken, I am uber impressed with your carpentry AND drafting skills!! Can't wait to see how this baby turns out.

  2. Thanks Carol, I can't wait either.