Thursday, 16 February 2012

Buffet Cabinet

  This will be the first post of a buffet cabinet for Regan. I had some maple on hand so we will use it. The carcase of the project will be plywood to save some time. Less wood movement to deal with as well. The back of the cabinet will have frame and panel construction. I really don't like just whacking in a sheet of thin plywood on the back after doing all that nice work on the front. Again the wall will give thanks for the nice view.

  The cabinet will have a modern look but the flush joinery on the face of it will make for some exacting work.

  Following are some pictures of the carcase and face frame work this week.

Parts cut to size and slotted to lock parts together.

This will be the frame that sits under the top panel.

Here is the carcase. Next I'll surround it with framing and legs in the same manner as the TV console. 

Here is the maple that makes up the legs, front and back framing, door frames and drawer fronts.

 Legs mortised and cut to receive the carcase and face frame parts.

 Tenons ready to fill those mortises.

 Shape a long curve on the legs. I'll bring that mug back some day Bob.

Put all those parts together and we have a front panel assembled.

Rear panel glue up.

Front view of carcase and face frame assembled.

 Rear view, the wall will love it.

 Panels around the carcase, next comes the doors and drawers.

   Next post on the buffet will show you how the doors are made and the drawers.
 I'll be working on the oak table again next week so should have an update on the trestle arches coming up too.
    Have a great weekend.

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