Sunday, 13 November 2011

Poppa's Rocker II

  The rocker is finished and I finally have some time to put up some photos. I have been busy working at my real job with Pumpcrete. Everyone is hurrying to beat the weather. Be sure to read the previous post Poppa's Rocker for the history on this piece. I'm going to have a seat after all that work. Enjoy the photos.

                                           Armrests and support corbels

               What's cooking? Hickory strips for the seat slats. Ready in 45 minutes.

                  Artistic shot of steamed hickory cooling in the bending form.

           After cutting and smoothing the slats they go on to make a seat like so.

 Re sawing on the band saw to make strips for the bent lamination for the rockers

                                                Take a bunch of these strips

                                             And plane to final thickness.

                 Everyone says I have too many clamps. I think I need more of them.

           I added a strip of walnut in the rocker lamination for some visual interest.

Let the lamination cure in the form for 24 hours then scrape off the glue and joint the edges and cut them to width like so.

While the laminations were drying I took some of the walnut and added banding to the lower edges of the seat rails and the front stretcher

                          And lets place one on top of the upper backrest rail.

                    Seat slats attached and it's ready for the rockers to go on.

     But first we have to shape the rockers and mortise some holes to attach the legs.

                                                            Cool huh?

                                           Glue and clamp the rockers on.

Ready for varnish.

thanks for looking.


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