Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cherry Lamps completed

Hi just finished up with the lamps this morning. Thought I would throw in a few pictures. But also a mention about some inspiring blogs listed by Jason Herrick from PORC, definitely worth a look, thanks Jason. While checking out these blogs I came across this article by Phillip Toledano called Make Stuff that Matters. Sometimes blogs can be so powerful as his Days with My Father shows us. Really worth a look. Well on with the woodworking.

Fixture installed. Couldn't find one without the slide switch this time. The wire has a roller switch on it.
Dowel pins to support lid. I shape the tips in the pencil sharpener.

Pins fit in small holes drilled under the lid.

Congratulations, you have twins.
All lit up.
  Cherry looks so good with an oil finish. I rub a little paste wax on the lids to make them smooth to the touch. I enjoy making these lamps. So simple yet so beautiful. They make a nice mix of power and hand tool work. My favorite part is smoothing the columns curves with the my Veritas spokeshave. The whispering sound as the papery shavings roll off the shave. Ahhhhh..... so relaxing.

As always thanks for looking

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