Saturday, 2 April 2011

Tree Burl

  I was checking the fence lines at home the other day when I came across this Box Elder at the back of the pasture land. It known as Manitoba maple around here and is considered a weed. This one would be at least 20 years old and is covered in burl.

Burl runs up the tree about 8 feet.
  These trees often come down during bad storms that we have in the great lakes area so large ones in good condition aren't plentiful. I am not sure if it would hold up as a top for a table but I imagine it would be good for jewelry boxes or cabinet door panels. Turners use it for vases, bowls, plates and pen blanks.

The diameter of the trunk averages 25" where it is burled.
   There are signs that the tree is reaching the end of it's life higher up in the tree. I have seen other Manitoba's like this and it may be lost in it's current condition. We'll cut her down soon. Worth a look anyway.

The bark has many of these swirled buds on it. Is this a sign of birdseye?
(click on the pic for a closeup)

  If anyone has any thoughts on what this tree might contain drop me a line. As always thanks  for looking


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