Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Time Passes Slowly

  "Time passes slowly"...., boy whoever said that was right. It seems like an eternity but only 5 weeks have passed since my surgery. A scary little piece of work called ACCF (click for info Anterior Cervical Corpectomy with Fusion). I was in a lot of pain but I am feeling much better now.

  The doctors still haven't cleared me to return to work and it will be a while yet. Feeling stronger each day. Will this allow working wood into my golden years?, time will tell.
  A bonus with woodworking is that it is a many faceted hobby. If I can't build I can talk about woodworking, look at what other woodworkers are doing, read about woodworking, look at woodworking tools, talk about woodworking tools, look at wood, imagine what I could create with that wood, listen to the wood, talk to the wood ............., did I already mention that time passes slowly? Allow me to regain some lucidity.....

  Maybe it would be a good time to make some small boxes with that cherry burl I have. Draw up some plans for that new lamp design rolling around in my head. I am not under any deadlines to complete anything, after all it's a hobby. Off to the workshop like a herd of turtles.

thanks for listening

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