Monday, 15 December 2014

Better late than never?

  I have also been working on some oak bar stools that were requested in March.
Ya, I know.....
  I messaged Bob and told him I was on that rush order from March like a turtle onto a highway. Probably not going to end well. To my surprise he still hadn't picked up any. He must really like my work. Ya, that's it! So I pulled my head out of the shell and scampered to the shop.

 Nice used lathe I picked up in the spring. Finally really starting to use it. Took a while to remember what I learned in wood shop at high school. Those were some crazy years.

A few legs turned, testing for uniformity along the way. Hopefully the speed picks up as I go along. Maybe I am being to anal about this. Just relax and enjoy the work.

 Because I have a lot of pieces to turn.

Oh ya, the speed picked up nicely, only half the time to turn the second half of them. Now you can see them coming together after some final fitting of the parts.

Nicely wedged tight. These puppies are rock solid.

Shape the tops to cradle the posterior.

  Some stain then top coat with polyurethane for wear protection.  With out the poly you would have stains on your bottom. Would be good for a laugh though.

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