Sunday, 15 June 2014

Made by Hands.

  I just wanted to post a link to a video I watched today. It tells two stories.

  One is the importance of a good learning process. So much is lost today to our youth. Their learning environment is often restricted to observation and the thinking process. Many struggle and are pushed through the system and come out with next to nothing from it. Ever notice how many younger people(not all mind you) will give up after one try? Tell them try again and they look at you like you are crazy. "I just tried and I can't do it, why bother again".

  The learning experience must be complete. Where is the active experimentation and the concrete experience that leaves one feeling great about their achievement?

  Easiest example I can come up with is someone ties your shoes, tells you about it, you think about it but don't try yourself. After a lesson like this I bet seventy five percent will be walking around with shoes unlaced or shopping for slippers. Velcro straps anyone?

  The second story is how a man used his hands to deal with his problems. He used the doing and feeling part of the learning process. This gave way to his reintegration with society and is now able to use observation and the thinking process as well. The latter two processes have allowed him to come to grips with PTSD he suffered from over 45 years. The regret in that man's eyes about those lost years is palpable.

Everyone must be subjected to the whole learning process in order to deal with life's problems.
When you are missing a piece you cannot deal with it on your own. I used the whole learning process and still had a very difficult time with PTSD. I just felt I had no time to stop and help myself over the past 17 years. Now I know I was wrong and have changed things for the good. It is like a whole other world has opened up and I like it. Others like it as well.

Please watch this very interesting 10 minute documentary. 
click on the above link to see the video


And thanks for reading.

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