Wednesday, 14 May 2014


   Spring is here and the honeydew list is long. Lots of cleanup around the yard. Finish putting up firewood for next winter. Bringing out the mowers and putting away the snow blower and shovels. Cutting up the trees damaged during this winter's ice storm. Cleaning out the garden pond. Putting new mulch on the gardens. Refinishing a trailer load of furniture as well as little plumbing and electrical fixes all around the house. Easter dinner for the whole family at our house. Birthday parties and hockey playoffs to catch as well. Most importantly was finding time to erect two steel sheds for storage space. All the lumber I have collected over the years is being moved into one of those sheds as I plan to expand my shop space later this year. The other shed will house whatever is left of our hoard.

       Busy with no end in sight, running in circles......

 Running in circles. Just an expression used when it seems nothing is getting finished.
Is there a way out of a circle?

Lets take a look at the circle in this expression. What is a circle?

   It's obvious to those in the math club.

  Whilst sliding glasses back up on the bridge of their noses they will inform you a circle is really made up of many short straight lines. These lines have a beginning and an end.

   I donned my beanie with propeller and hypothesized; "if each line were to be lengthened each time around the circle the segments should become longer and create one long line with a beginning and an end."

  So to apply this theory to the real world situation I would work on each job for a while and then head to the next all within the period of a workday. As each job completed, those sections, or jobs would start to break out of the circle as straight lines.

  Therefore as I ran in circles I completed some short jobs sooner and the longer ones where allowed more time during the days that followed.

Eventually the circle came apart and merged into a straight line with an ending.

  So next time you are trapped in the circle, slow down work on the problems and solve them one at a time and before you now it your problems will come to and end.

But enough pontification, I also have some woodworking for you to look at.

   Here is a butcher block top I put together for the neighbor to cover the kitchen island.

We left an overhang so some stools could be set up on that end for morning coffee. The cabinet will soon be the same color as the rest.

And I also put together Shannon's dream green house this spring.

Here are the drawings I worked from if you want to build your own. It's quite straight forward.

If you are looking for the door you enter from inside the shed.
    I'll post more pics of the green house as I finish the shelving and potting bench inside. Every window opens in an awning style. All the windows were recycled as is the roofing steel and the floor on the inside is covered in beach stones with a drain in the centre so she can water in there till the cows come home.

  I am planning on setting up the red drum on a stand for water supply. The eaves will get some troughs that will pour into the drum to replenish the supply. I'll put a tap and line at the bottom of the barrel and let gravity do her thing.

 While building the green house that mind of mine began to think what a nice place to sit in with screens over the windows to keep the mosquitoes out.

 Damn you brain!!!!

Instantly my mind was filled with a vision of a post and beam style pavilion on the east side of the willow tree. Twelve by fourteen feet in size built with white cedar and complete with circular fire pit and steel hood to allow the smoke to chimney out the roof.

Oh I am going to be busy this year.

As always thanks for reading.

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