Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cherry Burl to Cherry Bowl

  Here is another one of a kind hand carved bowl.
I thinks this is the most fabulous one to date. Paul and I both put our hands to work on this one and what a beauty it is.

  We used the Arbortech power carving wheel on the Makita grinder to rough out the shape. Working with and around the voids and slowly coaxing out the secrets hidden in this lovely burl.

  When the burl could give no more we stopped grinding and moved on to the sanding wheels, then to the hand scrapers and finished up with a little sanding and finally applied a natural finish.

  Oh how it glows. It is one of a kind and it knows it. Enjoy the show.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Artsy shot for Marina and John :-)


   This bowl was from half of a burl that was harvested about twenty years ago by Paul's father. About five years ago he gave it to Paul and I so we could make something with it. We had many ideas for it but none seemed to do it justice until now. The other half was cut into slices to be used in box lids and soon to be used as inlays on some round table tops.

   We are always on the hunt for nice burls and are in the process of securing some more cherry ones Paul found recently. We should have some more for you to see in the not to distant future.

As always, thanks for reading.


  1. It's a rare brought it to life.
    Oh ya, Marina thinks your artsy photo is perfection :)

  2. Another in a long line of perfectly crafted pieces. The shape totally reminds me of birds wings. Doesn't get any more "organic" than that. Awesome job Ken!

  3. beautiful... just lovely...