Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Come on into the Booth

Sometimes things get really busy and I just can't find the time to blog.

Here are some pics of the booths and table tops for a restaurant run by my friends Bob and Sue.
There was a very limited time to get these done in time for the opening.

Parts everywhere, time for assembly of 12 booths.

Need more shop space.
Some require backs for the end of the row.

Those that will sit back to back will not.

Table tops, 18 in all.

   The deadline was met. Everything done a week before Christmas. Needless to say I was a last minute shopper this year. The booths really look great with the upholstery on them. I'll try to get a pic up later.

There were also a couple of items for the line cooking area that we did as well as some capping for a half wall in the area where the booths sit. Last is the arm rail for the bar situated in the middle of the restaurant. I was just getting ready for the last item when a situation arose. I'll let you in on that in my next blog.

Thanks for reading.

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