Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Truss for Brents Table

  Finally getting back to the table that was the beginning of everything.

  I am making progress on the truss that will span the space between the two trestle ends. More on the trestle ends here. The truss will hold the ends in a vertical position as well as support the weight of the centre of the table top.

Laminating the 1/4" thick by 3" wide pieces together to form the curves on the truss. Lots of clamps required.
I steamed some long coves and square sections to build up the trusses and fixed them in place on the  curves. The steaming allows the wood to bend and will stay in place after they cool.

The curved parts have tenons on their ends that pass through the flat board between the trestle end and the truss. The flat board will allow for an easier mechanical connection between the truss and the ends.

 The truss must be able to easily disconnect from the trestle ends to allow easier transport in case of a move. I decided to go with metal bed rail hangers that wedge together and make a very firm joint.

Although these fasteners wedge together quite well the table top will keep the truss from rising up and out of the fasteners.

Mortising a slot for the hooked side of the fasteners was a little unconventional.

Elevating work to new heights
Time to make the top.
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Thanks for looking.

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