Thursday, 19 January 2012

Stripping....Some End Tables

  Might be some disappointed Googlers' out there when they link to this post. On the other hand those who like naked furniture......

  Don and Mary-Ann added some end tables for refinishing to go with their new console. I happily accepted a nice pair of end tables.

  I started with the table that was missing most of the finish from it's top. Man was that clear finish on these a bitch to take off. Apply some stripper, scrape it off, apply some stripper, scrape it off...... you get the idea. Every surface required at least three coats of stripper. The surface of the top and lower shelf took about five or six doses of stripper to get the old finish off. This only removed the clear coating then I moved on to lifting the old stain.

I put the gloves on it and told it to strip itself! 

   Do you remember Popeye? "Olive Oil shes my goiyle" he would say. He ate spinach for strength without taking that pipe out of his mouth (sometimes he sucked the spinach through the pipe, yuck) and the spinach would end up in his forearms making them look like cooked hams. Mine look like that now, well not really I'm missing the tattoo of a ship's anchor. Did I mention the fumes from the gel stripper......

It was all worth it as you can see in the photo. 

   They look cool. Shannon suggested we do our tired looking end tables as well. I agree wholeheartedly. I'm going out to get a set of orange rubber gloves in her size so she can help.

  That's all for today. If you came looking for strippers, sorry to disappoint but I hope you enjoyed reading my blog anyway.


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