Sunday, 18 December 2011

Cherry Curio Completed

  A little over a hundred hours of working time has passed from the time I pulled the boards from the drying barn. This is how the cabinet looks tonight. Just need to put some pulls on the doors and this one is complete and ready to be gifted for Christmas.
 I hope my friend will be happy with this piece for years to come.

The following pictures take you through some of the final stages on this beauty.

The shelf frames will hold a piece of plate glass. This should allow light to travel through the cabinet a little easier and give the inside a lighter look.

Frankenvise is earning his keep in this shop. If I ever make a new bench it will be minus the vise that Franky is attached to and Frank will be shorter in stature.

Glue up of the sides took some unusual clamping methods. Tie downs can be used for more than holding the bikes in the back of the truck. Only one side is actually glued on at this point. I failed to get pictures of the next part of the assembly as it was very involved putting in the bottom shelf and front aprons along with other side assembly. Every cabinet maker would benefit from having four arms. It'd be hell finding a shirt that fits though.

I clamped this shop made scratch stock in Frankenvise so I could put a rounded profile on the glazing strips. Much quieter than using a router and round over bit.  Just pull the wood across the cutter and you have the same thing with out the racket.

I also used the same scratch stock with a different cutter to cut beads on some edges of the cabinet parts. 
David Moore demonstrates how to use a nice one in this article at Fine Woodworking magazine.

The strips will fit in along the edges of these openings on the side to hold in the glass.

Shelves in place. Glazing installed in the sides. Time to assemble the doors.

These boards will become the doors. The panel for the top is underneath these.

Doors and glazing strips oiled ready for glass.

I think this will be a nice profile for the top panel

 Woodworking is still a hobby for me. A hundred hours, doesn't feel like work when your enjoying it. Now I can spend my spare time with my family as we enjoy the holidays. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

As always, thanks for looking.

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