Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Shannon's Recycled Shed

  Well we put some walls up on the garden shed this weekend. Alex and her boyfriend didn't race their bikes this weekend so we had some helpers in the house, yahoo, or is that Woot. I'm cool, I know the lingo.... I'm up with that, Sick...... um, guess not.

  Shannon has been working hard so it was nice that the kids were able to help. That really pushed the schedule ahead. I'm not much help while recovering from the neck surgery. Shannon says that sometimes I wasn't all that much help before the surgery either. Huh. How do you like that?

Alex watching her Matt, while I take a well deserved break.

Hmm, lets see, 87 1/2 inches. What's that in metric?
   I have been the supervisor, also called a seagull in construction circles. That is because the supervisor appears on the horizon, swoops in, makes a lot of noise, craps on everything and takes off.

That's me supervising. This job is turning my hair gray.
No way Alex, that's my job, where's the union steward.

Time to put the trusses in place Matt. Good job. No, I said no water until your done.

Almost all of the material in this shed has been recycled. Trusses came from the neighbour, lumber is leftover from a forming company but the floor boards are new. We hope to cover the roof with steel roofing leftovers. We will get the roofing screws from the local ReStore run by Habitat for Humanity. The siding will be cedar from Jeff's mill left to weather to gray.

  It has been fun to watch Shannon hammer away on the blocking. She's doing a great job.

Shannon has been busy putting in the blocks to hang the siding on.
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Ken and Shannon

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