Monday, 28 March 2011

Almost Free Separator for Dust Collection System

  Tired of emptying the bag on your collector every 10 minutes? I was, in fact it made me reluctant to use the collector. After gutting my two car garage/workshop I refused to have dust piled on every horizontal surface. I also like breathing without the aid of a forced oxygen supply. Cyclone separators are efficient, but  a bit much for my one man shop and most emptied into a small container anyway.

Searching the internet for a solution I came across a chip separator made by Tom Berninghausen. I'll tell ya, it works like a charm. It holds about 50 gallons of chips before the collection system begins to lose suction. My system uses 6" diameter metal duct to the blast gates (table saw is 6 inch duct all the way) and a King brand 1 1/2 hp collector. The collector and separator are in the storage shed built onto the side of the garage. It took me about 4 hours to build the separator. The handles on the side make it easier to drag the lower part out to my burn pile and aids in tipping the drum to empty it.

Link to Tom's chip separator page or you may prefer The Thien Baffle

This shed is not insulated so covered the ducting with wrap.

This separator holds about 50 gallons of chips before I have to empty it.
The previous felt bag developed a hole (mice) in it leaving a fine coating of dust.


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